Stefan Pochmann (email)

PTimer is my cubing timer, specifically made for videos. As a programmer and cuber, I've long been interested in writing my own timer. There are several great ones out there already, but it's a fun project for me and I hadn't seen one that's good for videos of averages. I often see videos where they pick up the camera at the end and awkwardly move it close to the screen to show the results. So I decided I'd make one where everything is readable throughout the video. And while I was at it, showing all data, I made the average update during the solve as well. Finally, it uses Herbert Kociemba's Cube Explorer Java package to generate WCA-compliant random state scrambles of 21 moves or less. Here's a demo (the video shows a version that's a bit older, will update soon):

And here's the program: Download PTimer. Save it somewhere, then just run it, no need to install or uncompress. Well, you need Java for it but you should have that already. If not, you can get it from the website.

Just like most timers, you start and stop with the space bar. For help press 'H' in the program, that'll list the other keys.

I'm not quite finished with it yet, particularly I want to clean up the program source code, but I'm happy enough with it now to show it and hopefully get some feedback.